Specialist Services

Support for CALD clients with unique and bespoke needs

CALD communities often have one off or bespoke matters that are not catered for elsewhere in the context of needs.  

ICSA has engaged professionals on an on-call basis to provide support in a one-to-one setting. 

The services help clients make informed decisions. 

Language and Communication

One of the biggest barriers for people who are from CALD or NESB background is effective communication.

Exchange of language by the use of translators and interpreters covers only one element the communication.  Transferring words from one language to another has limited application as many words, phrases and slang simply do not translate. 

The support in improved communications includes:

Accommodating people with varying levels of fluency and literacy. While people speak English on everyday levels very well, they may not comprehend the context within the systems.

  • Minimising the language barrier when interpreting client needs as they are understood, instead of a literal translation
  • internationally accepted best practice principles to ensure effective and skilled communication.

Our Language Services

  • Language needs assessment
  • Community interpretation
  • Cultural interpretation
  • Contextual interpretation
  • Common language interpretation
  • Direct interpretation and translation

Our interpreters and translators are booked on hourly rates and are all NAATI accredited as required under Australian Standards. We also offer document drafting services, as needed.


Our specialisation is within the Cultural & Linguistically Diverse (CALD) community context.  Expertise developed through experience, evidence base and a deeper understanding of cultural intersections.

We offer cultural consultancy to organisations and agencies on a diverse range of matters.   

Key outcomes sought through engaging our consultancy:

  1. Better service to clients, customers and consumers
  2. Better productivity: effecting workplaces with practices that can overcome barriers faced by migrant or multicultural workers.
  3. Grow customer bases or enter new markets.

We highly recommend starting with a CALD audit to see how well you are doing and where your organisation could improve.


ICSA offers administrative services, to learn more fill in the contact form below.

Cross Country Support

Our work at ICSA intersects cultures, communities and is multi-layered, particularly in the domestic and family violence space.

For some complex cases we interact with clients in their country of origin, offering them the best possible options for their issues.

Court Advocacy

Our Court Advocacy services relate to legal issues within the justice system such as

  • Client Assessment Reports
  • Exploring legal options
  • Understanding ramifications of legal decisions
  • Client advocacy
  • Support in court
  • Complying with penalties, corrections orders
  • Being prepared for court, tribunal
  • Prisoner family support